Founded in 1994, Fishers Artists Agency is a Southern California-based ministry for Christian artists, speakers, ministries, and the church itself. Originally formed to handle booking for The Kry as the band was releasing its national debut album and embarking on its first tour, Fishers soon added many new up-and-coming artists to its roster.

In 2007, after acting as manager of Fishers for more than three years, Tim Brinkman purchased a majority interest in the company from Ron Guilliams. Though Brinkman is now majority owner and director of Fishers, Guilliams remains a minority owner and graciously serves in an accountability and advisory capacity. "Ron will always be the soul of Fishers," says Brinkman. "His heart for service to artists and to the church shows through in everything he does and it's what I'm seeking to emulate in the way I run the agency."

Today, Fishers Artists Agency provides artist management and booking with a goal of providing our community and world with servants who are not only talented, but deeply committed to Jesus Christ. We at Fishers feel that this ministry was organized and purposed by God to rally artists and speakers to come together to enhance their effectiveness and provide accountability.

The accountability factor is an essential link in any successful ministry. In the life of a full-time artist or speaker, being in consistent fellowship in one body of believers is not always possible. To this end, Fishers arranges prayer and Bible studies and constantly seeks to encourage artists in their walk with God.

This is why we believe that Fishers is unique. The Fishers family is committed to using its talents as "bait" to share the love of God with a dying world.

"Then Jesus said... 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men'" Matt. 4:19

pictured: Sheri and Ron Guilliams, founders of Fishers Artists Agency