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"We have had Timothy Brinkman out on several occasions and are totally sold on his God-given gift of music. Not only is he talented, he ministers through song in a way few artists do. Whether performing original material or leading worship, Tim has a special anointing when it comes to bringing people to the feet of Jesus." - Terry Michaels, Pastor, Calvary Austin, TX

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am that God brought you to us this weekend. My son said that it was the greatest worship he ever experienced, and I can't tell you how much that means to me." - Christian Traina, Youth Pastor, Calvary Chapel Oklahoma City, OK

"What a blessing you were for us, Timothy... what a gift to so many last night. Wow." - Kemp Jones, Pastor, Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Oshkosh, WI

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist TIMOTHY BRINKMAN fuses radiant melodies with bittersweet harmonies and deeply personal lyrics that deal with the realities of heartbreak and loss while always coming back to the hope and glory of God. His newest album, The Hurt and The Hope, is an exploration of those themes of loss and redemption through a musical tapestry of Americana, folk, bluegrass, and roots sounds on songs like "This Old Church," "Behold, I Make All Things New," "Peace Unshakeable," "On Calvary," and "You're Still With Me."

Born during a blizzard (literally) and raised in the snowy Twin Cities, Timothy got his musical start on drums at five years old, then later taught himself percussion, guitar, piano, bass, mandolin, banjo, vibraphone, harmonica and many other instruments.

He brings these instrumental skills and more to his recordings as he created layers and soundscapes with his do-it-yourself ethos, playing all the instruments on many tracks while friends help out on upright bass, violin, cello, trumpet, and pedal steel guitar on other songs. "This was a home recording," he explains, "and I wanted it to be simple, real, direct, and honest. We'd just get together at the house in the recording room and have fun."

"Be Still and Know" is a meditation on God's faithfulness even in the midst of the storm, drawn in part from Psalm 42:

though the day may hold no peace
though the night may bring no rest
when I think of all You've done
I can say my life is blessed

Your love is greater than all of my fears
Your grace is leading me on
in times of trouble I remember Your words:
be still and know that I am God
be still and know that I am God

His newest full-length album, The Hurt and The Hope, was released in December 2015.