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"Hands down Shachah has been the best band we've worked with to date... They love the Lord and it's obvious in every facet of their ministry. This is why we're having them back for the third straight year." -- Zach Adams, Youth Pastor, Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain, Lilburn, GA

"Wow, our students loved Shachah! They did just a tremendous job... thank you so much for sending them our way. What a fantastic band." -- John Rinks, Developmental Director, Valley Christian High School, Cerritos, CA

"More than just extraordinary musicians, the Shachah guys are extraordinary servants... their love for our students and for Jesus was completely evident in everything they did in their concert as well as before and after the concert." -- Phillip Catterton, Associate Pastor, Calvary Chapel San Antonio, TX

SHACHAH (pronounced sha-KAH) - The name comes from the Hebrew word for worship--a verb meaning to bow down, to prostrate oneself, to crouch before God in worship. This definition keeps in focus the essence, ministry, and vision of Cross Movement Records recording artists Shachah, a four-man band from Southern California. With three part harmonies and an edgy blend of rock, hip-hop, and reggae, the band's passionate and unique sound is channelled into some truly remarkable songwriting. And the band's calling as worship leaders is evident as they engage the body of Christ in heartfelt worship.

Shachah is comprised of Brenden McPeek (vocals/rap), Josh Wagner (vocals/guitar), Stephen Anderson (drums), and Earl Mergelsberg (bass) and these four young guys are a part of the Worship Generation movement led by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pastor and evangelist Joey Buran, who helped guide Jeremy Camp to a larger audience. Playing over 120 dates a year all across the US and overseas in places like Great Britain and Russia, the band has honed a powerful live sound that combines the power of a four-man group with the intimacy of a worship service.

Their national debut, On The Move, was released by Cross Movement Records in September 2008, showcasing the band's sharp guitar/bass/drums rhythms against McPeek's cool melodicism and incisive, innovative lyrics on songs like "Stand Up," "Arise," and the title track. The band released its sophomore national CD, Let The Light In in summer 2009 on Cross Movement Records, which includes "None Forsaken," "The Harvest," and the title track.

Shachah's latest CD, Let The Light In, was released in September 2009 and includes the hit single "Deliver Us" featuring The Tonic (with a great music video to boot) as well as outstanding tracks "Watching Waiting" and "Turn."