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Formed in Lincoln, Neb. as a band of four brothers, REMEDY DRIVE has been going strong for nearly two decades of high-energy, unapologetically mission-minded music and ministry. Their latest release, The North Star, is a concept album that writes another chapter in the band's fight against human trafficking, with songs like "Warlike" and "You Got Fire" serving as literal calls to battle for listeners.

Frontman/singer/guitarist and primary songwriter David Zach embodies the band's mission with his work with The Exodus Road, a Christian organization dedicated to ending the bondage and oppression of human trafficking throughout Asia. David often shares during the Remedy Drive concerts about what he has seen and experienced firsthand in Southeast Asia on mission trips, speaking both about the injustice of the present culture that has allowed human trafficking to flourish there but also about the hope of salvation and freedom found in Jesus Christ and how the church worldwide is leading the charge to end the tyranny of human trafficking.

The concept behind The North Star, the band's latest CD, is freedom from oppression - both the literal, physical oppression of slavery but also the spiritual oppression of sin. Produced by Philip Zach, David's younger brother and one of the founding members of the band, this twelve-song album includes a collaboration with Rachel Lampa McCarthy ("You Got Fire"), a cover of Bob Marley's "Redemption Song," and is full of the bold, experimental modern rock/electronic touches that have defined Remedy Drive's sound.


* The North Star released on January 19, 2018
* "Commodity" charted #1 sixteen weeks at Christian rock radio
* "Resuscitate Me" from “Resuscitate” charted #1 ROCK for 5 weeks on 15 Rock stations and 2 CHR stations
* "Better Than Life" from “Resuscitate” charted top 20 CHR
* “Better Than Life” the song peaked at #12 at CHR, #26 AC Indicator and #46 NCA On 1 AC monitored, 6 AC Indicator, 1 Rock Indicator and 10 CHR Stations
* "All Along" stayed seven weeks at #1 on the CHR chart on 2009. #6 at AC monitored (top 10 for six weeks in a row) and #4 at AC indicator (top 5 for eight weeks)
* "Daylight", Remedy Drive's debut single, from “Daylight” charted in the top 20 at CHR and several key AC adds
* "Heartbeat" peaked at #3 on the CHR chart. Top 5 for six weeks
* "Stand Up" #6 at rock radio
* "Something Made to Last" top 10 for three weeks in a row at rock radio
* "Speak to Me" charted at AC and CHR
* "Guide you Home" charted top 20 CHR