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"Nicole and Dan Leitz are refreshingly transparent and straightforward as they encourage young women to deal with issues of the heart and to wait for Godís choice and timing for marriage. The message of this book is radically counter-cultural. Young women who are willing to 'go against the flow' and embrace this vision of biblical femininity will experience the joy and splendor of Godís magnificent design for their lives and for sex and marriage." -Ė Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Author, Revive Our Hearts radio host

"If ever there was a critical need in America to help young women find a moral compass, it is today. Dan and Nicole have written an easy-to-read book that will inspire the reader, encouraging her to stay near to the heart of Jesus. While remaining biblically sound and truly relevant, Dan and Nicole tackle the tough issues of purity, morality, marriage, and relationships with love and compassion. If you know a young woman entering the most critical developmental years? This is a Must Read!" -- Mike MacIntosh, Founder and President, Horizon International Ministries

There are many books on purity, many conferences teaching purity, and many accessories to promote purity. DAN AND NICOLE LEITZ have a different vision than the "typical" approach: "Our vision is to break that postmodern way of thinking," they explain, "and dismantle the many misconceptions of purity that have crept into the church over the years."

Founders of Waiting for the One and I Hate Purity Conferences, Dan and Nicole are also the authors of the book Waiting for the One and its companion Bible study, Waiting for the One Workbook. Their books have been endorsed by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Pastor Mike Macintosh, Pastor David Rosales, Pastor Britt Merrick and Kate Merrick, and Margy Hill.

Dan and Nicole have spoken to thousands of young people across the US and each of their studies are prayerfully tailored to fit a wide variety of different audiences. They teach at large and small events, one-day conferences, weekend retreats, schools, youth groups, and whole congregations.

"Our mission is to prove to this next generation that purity is simply a byproduct of a right relationship with Jesus," they explain, "and that it applies to all areas and in every season of our lives."