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"For me, Ivory West delivers each of her songs as if it were a prayer - her voice, sometimes whispery, as if she was letting each of us in on a secret she had to share. This intimate delivery pulls a listener into her subjects, whether that is an appreciation for lost lovers, or her relationship to God, she sings to her audience with a recognition that each breath, each syllable holds a clue to life's sacred journey." - George Schricker, Wild Rose Moon

Hoosier singer/songwriter/guitarist IVORY WEST creates music that straddles the line between modern and classic, her voice sounding as much at home in the 1920s era as it does in the 2010s. Inspired by artists like Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaleson, Adele, Paolo Nutini, and The Fray, Ivory writes music that is unique and authentic, dabbling in folk and jazzy acoustic styles while sharing her heart with lyrics that are thoughtful and poetic.

Her passion and gift for leading worship are evident through her years of serving as a worship leader at churches and at the Christian Student Foundation at Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. Ivory mixes well-known worship songs and hymns among original songs that meditate on the grace and glory of Jesus.

"Writing, I have found, can be one of the most intimate forms of worship," she says. "To be creative, like my God is creative, even if itís just a taste of how He works, is something special.

"I think we are in a beautiful era of worship and Christian music. I think its authenticity and honesty is increasing. It has made a significant impact on me as someone learning to have a healthy relationship with Christ, as well as a song leader."

At just 20 years old, Ivory has already released three recordings (Mixed Emotions, Watching Trains, & The Chicago EP) while continually writing new material and maintaining a constant traveling and touring schedule ó all while continuing her studies at Ball State University. Keep an eye on this young, up-and-coming artist.